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The community around Raspberry Pi, Arduino & Co. grows and grows and so does the amount of ideas wanted to be realized with the great boards. Almost always one need a case at the end. Whether it is to protect the electronics or simply to get a more beautiful design and so one unavoidably run into following problems:


  • The case doesn't fit for my board.
  • The case can only cover one of my boards, but not my sensors, camera, storage media and other electronic components.
  • The case can only be used indoors.
  • I can't get my cables with plugs (HDMI, USB, network) through the cable gland (so that it seals again at the end).
  • I don't find a really nice case for outdoor.
  • I can't find a enclosure solution that I can use over time.
  • I can't find a enclosure solution that I can extend.
  • I can't find a enclosure solution that fits for all my boards.


With the ambition to develop and share the world's best enclosure system for single-board computers, we have developed a first prototype which solves most of the problems mentioned above and serves as a starting point for this community project.

We are deeply believing that it can only become the world's best housing system if a broad group of users join forces and solve the details together.

sign up, share your mind and receive rewards

Get full access to development results. (Technical drawings, specifications, parts lists, assembly instructions etc.)!


Anyone who signs up and contribute receives on request at the end of the project all the neccessary documents and the right* to build the developed case for own use.


*Passing on the development results to third parties and any commercial use is prohibited and is not part of the given rights.

Get voting rights in all votes during the development!


Influence decisions through your participation. Share your preferred option with us and design the development without having to bring in your own concepts.

Receive special discounted ordering option!


After completion of the development we will launch a Kickstarter project where one can back the professional realization of the developed product.


If you don't want to produce the case yourself and are signed up with us before the start, you get the opportunity to receive the professionally produced case system at the most attractive conditions. 

Stay informed! 


Be the first receiving all relevant Information and news. 



Product Requirements

For the orientation of the development we have defined some requirements to which every developer should refer.


  • RQ1 - The housing system should be a modular construction kit that supports a wide range of combinations.
  • RQ2 - The housing system should be expandable.
  • RQ3 - The housing system should be suitable for all common single-board computers and their accessories.
  • RQ4 - The housing system should be suitable for general electronic boards (PCBs).
  • RQ5 - The housing system should be suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • RQ6 - The housing system should support the implementation of a wide range of applications.
  • RQ7 - It should be possible to manufacture all parts of the housing system using injection moulding processes.

Closed topics

Overview of all topics that are currently considered to be completed. More Details can be found in the Project Diary.

OPEN topics

Overview of all topics that are currently considered open.

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