About Us

IN Elektronik WHO?

IN Elektronik is a small start-up consisting of two friends and colleagues who like to tinker around. We are always looking for new challenges where we can have fun and inspire others with our solutions. We hope to find some more among you who think the same way and want to get involved in this adventure.


With the INcase ONE as a prototype and the many great ideas of the community we hope to enable a new standard in this field. The project of each individual doesn't have to stay a unseen thing in a box. We want to make it easy for everyone to build a lot of nice looking projects based on one housing system.

Nedzad Nadarevic


A wide experienced entrepreneur and specialist of mechatronics with many years working as product developer, project leader and product manager.


Loves to constantly look for new ideas and opportunities to create solutions for existing problems.

Armin Ibrahimovic


As a product developer he is expert in mechanical concepts, product quality and manufacturing processes. 


Cost optimization is his master discipline - in private and business life.