(closed) Wall / Tripod Mount


Especially when you make an outdoor project there is a need for mounting methods because it should hang on a wall, a tree or something similar. Therefore the INcase ONE has a prepared hole for a 1/4 inch thread insert which is a common size for tripods and wall mountings. 

The hole was designed in a way that it will not reach directly into the case so it is still weather proof. 

We did not put the thread in the center because with this constellation as you see on the picture it is easier to place bigger cable glands in combination with wall mountings.



Again we use a solid metal thread inserts for long lasting usage.  Imagine a plastic thread while using a metal screw and the thread gets damaged because the material is softer and your case part would be broken... We don't like that thought too so we made a reliable solution for you.

A very attractive way to fix your next CCTV , wild camera, or weather station. Do you have more ideas on which project could use the mounting method or how you could use the thread or the hole for your special use case? 

- Let us know and leave a comment below or on our subreddit!

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