Project Rules

To ensure that teamwork works well and that everyone knows what he is getting into, rules are needed. We have summarised the most important ones here.


  1. Only registered members will be rewarded.
  2. Everyone who is interested can sign up.
  3. Everyone responds only on topics where he has an opinion or believes he can contribute to the solution.
  4. We manage the project, take care of the organisation and implement the ideas.
  5. This website provides an overview of all information and decisions.
  6. Exchange of ideas and conversation takes place via


We will try to respond to all helpful inputs and check them carefully for compatibility with the defined requirements. We should all be aware that not every idea can be implemented even if it is our own. But we are convinced that the best ideas will succeed. That's why we're calling once again for you to take part in this amazing and challenging community project. Everyone can contribute a part to the realization that will bring us a great housing basis for all our DIY electronic projects.